Increase Resident Safety While Saving Costs

Vayyar Home is the extra team member you’ve always wanted. Ensure all your residents are safe 24/7 while lowering your community's costs. See how!

See How Vayyar Home Improves ROI

This simple wall-mounted device requires no cameras, no wearables, and no buttons, providing a complete user-friendly solution for:

  • Fall detection & prevention 24/7
  • Remotely monitor residents' health & activity 
  • Limit staff exposure
  • Minimize physical check-ins

See the status of every resident at a glance to maximize senior safety and quality of life.

Enjoy absolute confidence and peace of mind for you and your residents!


Watch How Vayyar Home Protects Facility Residents

Automated, accurate, totally discreet and contact-free. It’s a fall detection & prevention and remote care solution that keeps residents and staff safe during these challenging times.

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