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Under the Hood of the Leading In-Cabin Safety Solution

July Webinar - Under the Hood


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Addressing the rising complexity and cost of automotive safety

The vehicle cabin is a key focus of the automotive safety roadmap. From drivers to their most vulnerable passengers, road users depend on in-cabin safety features to protect them from the dangers of the road. A new generation of sensor technology is enabling automakers to enhance interior safety while reducing complexity and costs.

This on-demand webinar offers a unique behind-the-scenes tour of the industry’s only globally regulated, 4D imaging radar that covers a full cabin with a single chip. Have a look at the advanced technology behind the sensor’s unmatched performance, the significant cost savings it yields and the features that enable it to earn a full 7.5 EU NCAP points for any vehicle, while improving user experience.

We explore Child Presence Detection (CPD) and discuss why point cloud-based detection and classification are critical capabilities engineered to maximize safety scores, while minimizing false alarms. The webinar also covers enhanced Seat Belt Reminders (SBR) and explores the significance of a wide field of view, the ability to differentiate between passengers and a range of three rows, and how these elements enable an industry-first CPD + SBR combo. You also get a deep dive into numerous other safety applications enabled by the 4D imaging radar sensor’s rich occupant data.

Watch the webinar to discover why Vayyar’s multifunctionality on a single chip platform is a game-changer for automotive safety. As you draw up your in-cabin roadmap, this is the webinar to watch if you want to reap the rewards of an integrated sensor platform that fires on all cylinders.