Falls are the biggest danger facing the elderly. If they don’t get help within an hour, there’s a 50% chance of them passing away within 6 months.

Do your parents or loved ones have automatic fall detection without the need for any buttons, cords or wearables? Vayyar Home's Touchless Fall Detection, powered by the tech at the heart of your Walabot DIY, has been widely installed across private homes and communities across the US. 

Call and check with their community right now if they’ve installed Vayyar Home, the world’s most advanced elderly care solution. To see our product in action click here.

“Vayyar Home supports our goal of monitoring, managing and proactively reducing the time from a fall to staff providing help”
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Marcus Pegross, Executive Director
Coronado Heights
“Vayyar Home has allowed TLS to detect a person slipping in a bathroom and ensure rapid response to get them help.”
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Andy Furlong, CEO
Tranquility Lifestyle Solutions